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CT-09 Gerard Love - Plastic Factory

December 14, 2022

Honored to receive this mix from Gerard Love (Lightships, ex-Teenage Fanclub), who just so happens to be one of Cosmic Trattoria’s favorite artists ever. An expert crate digger, Love was kind enough to assemble a collection of records he’s currently listening to, entitled Plastic Factory. Plenty of hidden ‘60s and ‘70s gems to be found within, ranging from chanson to garage rock, from Duke Ellington to Brazilian psychedelia. Honeybus' "How Long" is a particular favorite, as is the Caravelles' stunning "Hey Mama You’ve Been On My Mind." It’s a real lesson in obscure, fuzzy beat pop, mixed by one of Glasgow’s finest songwriters. Listen and download below.

Lightships’ debut album, Electric Cables, was reissued earlier this month via Geographic for its 10th anniversary. Purchase on CD and vinyl here. — Marcel Sletten

SoundCloud download // ZIP (421 MB)

Track Listing

Duke Ellington - Didjeridoo
Jorge Ben - Lalari-Olalá
The Network - The Boys And The Girls
The Relics - Inside Outside
Ariane - Tu Voudrais Que J'Oublie
The Jelly Beans - I’m Hip To You
The Pyramid - Summer Of Last Year
Os Lobos - Santa Teresa
Honeybus - How Long
Los Angeles - No Estoy Contento
The Jam - Something’s Gone
The Searchers - Umbrella Man
Erasmo Carlos - Vinte E Seis Anos De Vida Normal
Marcos Valle - Garra
The Caravelles - Hey Mama You’ve Been On My Mind
The Zephyrs - I Just Can’t Take It
The Sundowners - Always You
Little Mary Staten - Steppin’ Stone
The Ambers - Blue Birds
Jacqueline Taieb - Bientot Tu L'Oublieras
Paul & Barry Ryan - Madrigal
Anna Karina - Roller Girl
Chantal Goya - Sois Gentil